Thursday, February 11, 2016

'Blonde, fit, smokin' hot': movie producer shares sexist scripts on Twitter

Terrific article about how not to write female character descriptions.

Ross Putman tweets verbatim introductions to female characters in scripts he reads, from ‘as adorable as she is sexy’ to ‘honey-blonde farmland beauty queen’

Monday, August 31, 2015

19 Great Ways to Brainstorm Short Film Ideas

Here's a terrific article by Elliot Grove (founder of Raindance) about brainstorming ideas for short films on a low budget:

19 Great Ways to Brainstorm Short Film Ideas

There are three things in film industry that are different than they were when I started Raindance in 1992:
- In the early '90s, every film was shot on expensive celluloid. Now it's all shot on digital.          
- Back then, films were distributed in cinemas and broadcast television. Now internet distribution rules supreme.  
- When I started Raindance, I bought expensive newspaper and magazine ads.